Lesson 12


Lesson 12 had us all inside, hiding from the rain. Including the Roosters. The children devised an impromptu cage for the chickens so that all could see properly.

They had a good deal of fun drawing fast sketches of these moving monsters.This was a slightly different group, with sleep-over friends joining in as well.

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Every Saturday morning
thirteen intrepid brave friends
face the clucking gauntlet
of feathery footed fiends        

Pik and Skrik are my son’s pet roosters who rule our lives and are better at guarding us than our Boerboel dog. “Pik” refers to the colour “pitch”-black as well as “to peck” in Afrikaans; and “Skrik” means to have a fright – the poor bird’s feathers are the wrong way round.

The art classes were conceived in order to enhance my son’s social life after he started home schooling at the beginning of 2014. The other children are some of the friends he used to see at school. They attend whenever they can since Saturday mornings are often set aside for sport.

The group consists mostly of 11-12 year olds and their younger and older siblings.

Annette Rall

Lesson 10

Drawings, paintings

This lesson happened unexpectedly. Through a miscommunication, I realised shortly before the lesson was to start that the class would be double the size expected.The project I had planned would not work with so many children and we came up with the idea of all of them working together on one large painting. “The Last Supper” was chosen and I could turn it into an interesting art history lesson.

It was a happy project; working on top of one another and sometimes up side down.

Oil pastels, water colours.